Saturday, 2 July 2011

Adding the glam factor

Our daily work routine is usually boring (especially if you are in a 8 to 6 job like mine, that too in a manufacturing location. @#$$%). You can’t really dress up in your favourite jeans and flip flops and walk in. But a girl can’t lead a boring life and definitely not look boring! I try to chip in a new item here, a different look there and create a look. 

Here’s what I do to glam up my days a bit:

Colored Lenses
I posses hazel, green, grey and brown coloured lenses. Take my advice; they are super fun! Hazel and brown are my favourites in the smokey, kohled eyes look. They make your eyes look much more sensuous than normal black eyes. They can very well be worn daily as these colours are not exceptional and many Indians have brown/hazel eyes. Grey lenses look best with a simple liner on the top eye lid. Gives a dreamy, girly look. 

Chopstick Buns
You are supposed to be all professional at work and are expected to look non messy. A bun is the best for such looks. Buns are no longer considered ‘aunty/behenji’ type. They have become hip and sexy. Tie up a high bun with strands of hair coming loose from the bun (this would come naturally if you have a layered haircut). Hold it on with a pen, a chopstick, a clutcher or a bun stick. I have a red chopstick with cute little design at the end which my sister got for me from Singapore and a thick, lime green one which I sneaked from a Korean restaurant in Melbourne. Check out chopstick bun videos on Youtube. Yeah, learnt all the stuff there! Check out these links: 

These take some practice but are incredibly convenient and sexy. Watch the other girls gape in admiration as you wear a new style every day. 

DSC00733  Chopsticks

The Desi Girl Look
You might hate the salwar-kameez affair at work (I do), especially during Summers. Don’t mind them and convert your look into a pure ‘Desi-girl’ look. You will realize, salwar-kameez looks sexy too. I am personally not in favour of the monotonous short-kurta-lycra churidar combo as it is way too common and not very feminine. I prefer patiala with short kurtas. Now, that makes a girl look like a real soni kudi! Accessorize with sexy dangling stone, ring and metal earrings with lots of stone work or jhumkas to give the effect. Complete the whole look with mojdis. Check out these mojdis I got from Lajpat Nagar, Delhi, some 4 years back. These are the only ones I own and love them totally. 

DSC00751 My favourite mojdis

Some  jhumkas 

Metal bangles that compliment the desi girl look

Whatever you opt for – western formals, sari, salwar-kameez or the jeans & t-shirt, you can accessorize in many, many ways. Bangles, bracelets, rings, pendants, payal, nose rings and bags. A tiny piece of jewellery like a ring can add a sudden oomph factor to your whole look. I like the way my fingers look with the 2 rings I wear currently. I also make sure I wear earrings to glam up a simple churidar-kurta pair. 

DSC00739 DSC00750
Some of my favourite earrings

Create a niche for yourself
Do or wear something that others don’t. and do it consistently. For example, the coloured lenses that I wear. Or the payal that I wear at times. Or, the smokey eyes look that I often don. You will become known for that particular style and when that is seen on somebody else, girls will go like ‘Hey, that’s what Sonali does!’. Experiment and decide what you like the most and practice it regularly.
My metal ring 

Let your skin glow
A glowing skin enhances your look automatically. Then whether you put on make up or not, you will look good anyway. Add a touch of lip gloss in soft tones like peach pinks or nudes and your face becomes prettier. A few tips on skin care here. Drink lots of water. Avoid fried stuff. Cleanse and moisturize your skin thoroughly regularly. Apply home made face masks once or twice a week to feel the difference. 

Dare to dress up
I am one of those who gets so exhausted by my day job that I have no enthusiasm left for anything else (at times. Its all mental strain). If I had to go out on weekends or in the evening for dinner or a movie, I would just put on the pair of jeans found on top of the pile and some t shirt and my daily shoes and go out. I don’t do that now. I use each opportunity of going out as an occasion. I dress up. I actually do. I choose the shoes that would go with the outfit, I choose the bag and the eye make up (I love eye make up). It makes you feel good about yourself and you get to try on or experiment and see what looks good on you. Gives you ideas.

Above all, be confident. Its an undeniable fact that everyone likes a confident woman. Whatever you wear, be confident and feel good about it. You be different or create a style statement, be confident about it and carry it off well. See others envy your classiness and elegance!

Live in style!!

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