Monday, 31 October 2011


It’s fun doing girlie stuff sometimes – you know dressing up and stuff. I can’t believe I am doing this at the age of 28. But why not? I call myself a bored HR professional and I really need something exciting and fun going on to spice up my life. So, I have this really sweet friend named Krishna (and her Mom is a darling too) and we keep meeting up for photo shoots.

Sad that she is getting married and going away soon. Don’t get me wrong; I am realllly happy for her and all but I am going to miss her! I am going to miss her innocent questions and crazy tactics and loving nature.

Is the white and denim combination every going to go out of fashion? I am sure it won’t and I hope it doesn’t. I am CRAZY about denims and whites; been hoarding them ever since I can remember. Anyway, my favourite white outfit out of the many whites I have is this Valleygirl shirt I got from Australia last year. The fit is amazing – sexy and elegant and the texture feels like a baby’s skin!

Shorts are the most comfortable thing ever! I wonder why we aren’t allowed to wear them at work.



Saturday, 29 October 2011

Village Belle

Now that I am back from my trip into the boring office routine, I am forever looking for opportunities to dress up and go out. And EAT, of course!! It is quite surprizing that eating out for 10 days in Europe / airplane / airport / various cafes hasn’t tired me out and I am still hungry for more.

Anyway, this time we choose to go to this place called The Village, which is quite near my place. The main reason I wanted to go there was because I missed attending Garba this year (yes, this year too) and Village has Garba! So I, along with my Gujju colleagues go there and have a blast of a time.

And, ok, there was another reason. I wanted to wear these brand new dhoti pants.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

A Girl In Europe

I came back from a fantabulous trip to Europe 15 days back. Each day of the trip is engraved on my mind deeply. I had soooo much fun and made such great friends that it was difficult to come back to the normal routine.

The weather in Europe at this time is pleasant but gets cold at nights and early morning. So this is what I chose for the trip:

Berlin, Germany

DSC01762The cobblestone paths that won my heart

Dresden, Germany

Prague, Czech

Cobblestone paths of Prague take my breath away

Prague Castle


Bratislava, Slovakia


Chain Bridge, Budapest

Matthias Church, Budapest

Fishermen’s Bastion, Budapest

DSC02445Mondsee, Austria

Salzburg, Austria

The sexy creepers

Vienna, Austria

Hope you enjoyed the pics!

Thursday, 13 October 2011


She has innocence and imagination.

She evolves each day and has strength to bear the most painful challenges.

She laughs and cries and yet hides all the pain within her.

She takes each step thoughtfully and surprises you with acts you wouldn’t dare to do.

She is at peace with herself and can her the voice of her heart very well yet lets fondness grow for loved ones in her heart.

She lets little things make her happy and doesn’t show the biggest of sorrows at times.

She cares, thinks, hates, loves, believes & hopes.

She forgives and goes on loving like never before.

She is a woman.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Paint My World

I love cloth bags – I don’t know since when. But I remember shopping for them, buying everything I liked off the rack, lest I wouldn’t get it again, since the last couple of months. My favourite ones are simple, plain cloth bags with minimum paint / motifs / print. My recent visit to Europe had me buying cloth bags from each city as a souvenir, which also make a great fashion ensemble!







Which one you'd like the most, dearies??!!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

The Little Black Dress

They say the little black dress always works when nothing else works. So we tried it yesterday. We were quite bored and sleepy and had to go out for a birthday dinner and I and E decided to be similarly dressed in LBDs.





Me: Dress – AND; Boots - Inc 5
E: Dress – W; Pumps – Inc 5; Headband – Claire’s
Bag: Prague

Saturday, 8 October 2011

The Flower Girl

Came across this old photo-shoot (when I had loooong hair. Sob Sob) when we had gone to Taj for lunch. I am wearing this lovely summer dress I got from Australia. Look at the smocking work.

I love the food at Taj, the ambience and the people. I make sure I visit here at least once in 3 months! Enjoy the yummy pics!







See you later, Girlies!
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