Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Walk High In Those Heels

I just had to do it today. I spent the whole day looking at the watch repeatedly. I wished the day gets over soon and I get there. I know, I am not really running short of time but I am feeling that sense of urgency. As if, I was approaching a deadline. I was afraid to be even a minute late, forget days late. I didn’t really have to go there alone; I could have gone with my friend on Thursday, as per our plan. But no. I HAD TO go today itself. 

Panic gripped me when I realized that a weekend had just got over and I might be late and will not be successful in getting what I want. My mind was set on it. I wanted it and no way was I going to lose it due to my own laziness. 

I rushed immediately on reaching home. I headed straight there. And…. 

VOILA! This new pair of nude coloured, open-toed pumps have got added to my shoes collection! 

Have recently taken a fetish for pumps. Pumps can be difficult to walk in, if the heel is higher than 3 inches but they look auhsum!! (I know I am off shopping for a few months but this was on sale; so I made an exception!) 

DSC0084511The latest addition to my shoes collection. Nude coloured, open toed pumps from Inc 5

Pumps look great with pencil skirts, skinny pants (my favourite combination), knee length dresses & ball gowns. One needs a little practice to walk properly in them and manage to look graceful. 

Pumps come in different materials like suede, leather and satin. The heel height ranges from 2 inch to 6 inches. They even come in flats but nowadays, they are made with pointy heel (the flat ones are usually called ballerinas). 

DSC00850Soft leather mauve open toed pumps from Enroute

Pumps are also known as Court Shoes (UK english). They originated as men’s flat shoes and were known as pompes. Today, they are considered as most sexy and glamorous. Hardly anyone on the red carpet wears flats or platforms! Pumps come in plain or printed, closed, open-toed or peep-toed, almond, round or square front and can have heels of various heights. 

Short heeled, brown shimmer pumps from Sashay.

So, go girl. Take the world by a storm in those gorgeous pumps!


  1. work it girl! you may like to check Smoking Nuns' blog..they are awesome with fashion blogging

  2. Thank u for putting in the first comment on this blog!! :D

    As you can see, I am really not good at this. I'll stick to travel and other stuff for a while!!

    I did check out Smoking Nuns blog. Good one!! Also liked karlascloset blog..


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